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As I explained in previous sections, given that GSD type 1b is a very rare disease, there is a clear lack of funds which are urgently needed in order to move forward the ongoing research.

This is why we would like to kindly request your support making a donation and forwarding this website to your contacts so that, through a joint effort, we manage to raise awareness and support the research. All funds will be used to fund the current ongoing researches on GSD 1b in:

To make it as easy as possible we give you different possibilities to donate. 

You can donate by Paypal. Please go to Paypal website and kindly donate through with the details below. Paypal charges 3,4% commission plus 0,35 Euro per donation (i.e. If you enter 100 USD Paypal will charge 3,75 USD so 96,25 USD will be received):

If you prefer donating through a bank transfer please use the following details. All donations received will be sent to the corresponding research center:

  • IBAN: ES22 1465 0380 45 1728079845
  • Account number: 1465 0380 45 1728079845
  • Account holder: Enrique Landelino Contreras Pulido  Coholder: Marta D’Agosto

No matter the option you choose, all funds will be entirely dedicated to the GSD 1b ongoing research. We will publish details about the donations received and which part of the research they are funding. You will certainly have guarantees that your donation has been properly used.

In this entry in my blog you can find a first update about the funds raised together. Up to the end of 2022 we have raised more than 120.000$. Please find below all the certificates of all the donations we have done to the different projects:

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

A big NinaHug.