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Hello Warriors!

Ready for a new battle? I am sure you are!

It is already three years since our first epic Battle of “Los Alamos” and it is time to get together again to continue winning the fight against Glycogen Storage Disease type 1b.

One more year, due to public health reasons and within the framework of the pandemic, we prefer celebrating virtually, hoping you are all doing very well and that in 2022 we can meet face to face.

I want to introduce you the “IV International Charity Hike, Nina the Warrior” (Virtual) a new solidarity party to raise awareness and funds to support research on GSD1b.

As my fourth birthday takes place on October 11th, 2021, this virtual event will remain available in the internet until end of October. During this period, you can buy a charity number and you will get a participation Diploma via email. It would be great if you could print it, go for a hike, take a picture and send it to us. We could compile all the pictures and symbolically put them together, as if we were gathering.

The 7 USD payment for the charity number to support research can be done through the following link:

DONATE to Sophies’ hope foundation – Cure GSD1b Research Alliance

Once you have done your donation, please contact us at and we will send you your diploma.

We do not want to bid farewell without remembering very nice moments of the last 4 years and all the Charity Hikes we have organized so please watch this amazing video:

Thank you so much warriors for joining us one more time. With a little bit of luck, next year, when I become 5 y.o., we will be able to celebrate, meet face to face, and hike together stronger than ever towards victory.

In any case, this will be another epic battle that will make history in favor or research.

Millions of NinaHugs


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