First week balance: more than 11.000 NinaHugs!

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Hello Warriors!

Following ten hours of intense logistic arrangements, we managed to leave my super hometown Alcalá la Real and move towards the beach. Imagine everything you need to carry if you have a baby and add all the medicine and equipment related to GSD 1b (keeping the neupogen’s cold chain! Among other things) plus the fact that my parents are first-time parents 🙂 It was an exciting adventure! I will be telling you how things are going in the beach and I will show you the NinaCar as per public request. For now, I am doing some tests to see how I am dealing with the new weather and I am doing fine.

In any case, today I am writing for a different reason: last Friday my website became one week old so I thought it was a good moment to review our progress and to keep on sharing good news with you:

  • I have received thousands of kisses, hugs, cheers, support, “count on me” hearts, smilies, written messages, audios, pictures, comments, emails and hundreds of people were asking how I was feeling and sent me a lof of positive energy… Following all this, it is logic that I was released from the hospital on Friday. You guys rock, thanks a lot!
  • 102 people made donations through UCONN, Paypal, Bank transfers and cash.
  • 6482,12 Euros y 3600 US dollars have been donated. With the current exchange rate this means around 7.575,24 + 3600 = 11.175,24 Dollars, the currency which UCONN will use for the research.
  • We have been interviewed in radio and newspapers. The website appeared in blogs such as “El club de malasmadres” and next week there might be some more surprises.
  • The different sections of the website have received 30960 visits from 116 countries. There are 80 people subscribed. The website was shared hundreds of times in social media… honestly, I have lost count, which is a very good sign 🙂

All this happily surprised the University of Connecticut. One of our contacts said that it was one of the best launching of a local and collective initiative she had ever seen, in such a short time and regarding GSD. Next week I would like to give you some news about our last conversation. I am very happy about it.

The amount of donations is unbelievable. The fact that thousands of people in more than one hundred countries have read about GSD 1b is a dream. The huge amount of beautiful feelings this has generated is the best therapy.

If you allow me, Warriors, I have a message for you: This is only the beginning! We have done a lot in a very short time and there is a lot more to do. We are running a long distance race as my Uncle Adolfo recently did. Many of you have contacted us with excellent ideas to keep on fighting. Our names will be written in history as the warriors who managed to defeat GSD 1b.

A big NinaHug!

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