Today is a good day! Get to know why ;)

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Hello Warriors!

Today is a good day. We just got released from the Hospital. We will continue the control and treatment at home. Yeah! Finally! I also deserve some summer holidays.

In fact, this is my first summer. I think I like it. People on holidays seem happier. The heat is not really good for me. When it is too hot I spend more energy and my levels of glucose go down quicker. However, if people are happier, the effort is worth it.

I really feel like seeing my little cousins and play with them. With a little bit of luck, if the Neupogen works well and I have decent levels of neutrophils maybe I can swim with them. I will have to be careful though, to avoid water coming into the nasogastric tube 🙂 At times I will have to look at my cousins from the balcony but we will make something up so that I do not get bored.

I am very happy because my grandpas have made up a new adapted stroller ¡The Ninacar! They set up a vertical iron bar where we can place the pump to feed me through the nasogastric tube… ¡They are genious! I will be able to go out more often and for longer time ¡Thank granpas, thanks Mr. Blacksmith!

I hope I will not have to come back to the Hospital. Well, I have to come back every week for follow-up visits but you know what I mean… I do not want to be admitted again. I have been released from the hospital so many times this year… Up to 5! With my parents and granpas packing, unpacking, once and again. I will miss my white army, as they will miss me, but we know how to love each other from the distance so Ciao Ciao hospital… Nina goes on holidays! 🙂

A big Nina Hug!!

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