Learning to eat when you live with GSD

Hello Warriors! Long time! Since I'm a little better and have more "social life" the blog is a little abandoned, but I'm sure you understand... and we see each other frequently in social networks anyway 😊 Some time ago I told you how intense and risky my life was before I met Dr. Derks and before I went to The Netherlands to follow an experimental treatment for GSD type [...]

Warriors In Action: Flamenco Craziness

Hello Warriors! As you know, last February 9th we celebrated the “Nina the Warrior” Flamenco party in which many warriors joined their solidarity with the passion they feel for Flamenco to support our cause and continue raising funds for GSD 1b research. The Cultural Association “Locura Flamenca” organized this super party with the performances of PA [...]

2018 review: Am I a lucky baby?

Am I a lucky baby? I have Glycogen Storage Disease, a very rare, serious and chronic disease that affects one person out of one hundred thousands. I have the GSD type 1b, which is even rarer and affects only one person out of one million. My body does not produce glucose, my immune system does [...]