The NinaCar!

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Hello Warriors!

As agreed, I would like to share with you some pictures and info about my NinaCar. It is such a cool invention!

The vertical iron bar allows me to set up the device that pumps the milk through the nasogastric tube (the white pump that looks like a videogame alien) and also the baby-bottles at an ideal height so that gravity helps the milk flow.

Maybe you can see the number 200 in the pump. It is not the NinaCar’s speed, I am not that crazy! It is the speed used to introduce the food into my stomach through the nasogastric tube, 200 milliliters per hour. Since I take 100 mls baby-bottles, half an hour is enough to finish one meal. Currently, I am managing to do breaks of one hour and a half between meals, fasting. Some time ago I used to be able to go for up to two hours but after an emergency related to a stomach issue I am struggling to get back to that point and do longer breaks.

In any case, two days ago, I went out for three hours and a half in the afternoon/evening. I did two breaks of one hour and a half each and I had a 30-minutes meal, all in a row, outdoors, thanks to the NinaCar. It was very good news to be able to be outside for such a long time and to see so many new things. That day, I finally slept like a baby J

Do not forget to enjoy your holidays and your walks.

A big NinaHug!

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