Warriors In Action: the embroiderer of dreams.

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Hello Warriors!

I would like to start a new section to talk about the WIA ¡The Warriors In Action!

In Spanish, WIA is GEA, which is the name of an ancient Goddess who used to incarnate the Earth. My mother wanted to give me that name and although my father loves the Earth he was not convinced by this name. He was more into nature… Sun, Sea, Dawn, Sol, Mar, Alba… stuff like that. I wonder why they did not wait a little bit to ask me which name I wanted but I guess this is too much to ask in such a frenetic world. Anyway, here we are, my name is Nina and we all love it. Now my mother says she proposed the name Nina because it is broadly used in Italy and my father replies that it was him proposing the name cause he likes it a lot (and he also likes Nina Simone) and then I laugh watching them having this conversation.

Well, please forgive me, I keep on jumping from one subject to another. Let’s try to get to the point. As you know, since I published this website more than one hundred people donated for research and we have had more than 37000 views from more than one hundred countries. We will soon publish another update about figures!

In any case, the most important thing is that, among all, we have built an army against GSD 1b and many very special warriors, are proactively engaging into different missions which will have a great impact. You all know already about Uncle Adolfo’s challenge, running dozens of kilometers for me, and also about my friend “Pollo” who helped me built this web.

Today I want to tell you the beautiful story of a very brave warrior the embroiderer of dreams:

Once upon a time there was artisan, an embroiderer, who used to sew dreams through the shawls she created to achieve just causes. The beauty of her shawls was universally known and traders from all over the world struggled to have the chance to get one.

Each one of her shawls contained a dream and the way to achieve it. Only those whose destiny was to achieve big goals were able to read it. Having the embroiderer sewing for you was always a privilege which only a few people would get access to. Nobles and lords wished to have a shawl describing their own dreams but only those with a strong and brave heart, able to face their destiny and change the world, would get one.

Today, when craftwork is in danger of extinction and being an artisan is being a revolutionary, there is an embroiderer of dreams that continues her ancestors’ traditions. A brotherhood embroiderer from Alcalá la Real –who used to share classroom at school with my father decades ago- reappeared in his life in such a difficult moment and gave him a present for me, a shawl with a dream: to win the battle against GSD 1b. Every thread and stitch of this masterpiece is one of you warriors and we will altogether achieve our dream.

I am already nine months and a half old. Time flies! I have learned that we should not give away presents and even less sell them. However, my friend, the embroiderer, suggested that we should organize an auction in order to get funds for research, the key to our success. It is impossible to put a price to such a valuable piece of art but whatever we get will be extremely useful to keep on moving forward. We will keep you posted!

Thank you embroiderer of dreams. Thank you Warrior.

If you have a new idea about any other possible fundraising activitiy with your friends, colleagues, companies…etc. and you want to become a Warrior In Action please do not hesitate to contact me through the website.

Big NinaHug!

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